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2009-04-13 16:05:00 by jebusness

im jebusness im 11 and 1/2 years old my birthday is in 4 months and i dont know what might happen then check out my flash i hope you enjoy it its a scene of a movie im making plz dont rate low cause of no preloader its ok i dont have any preloaders thx!


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2009-04-13 16:38:31

there are plenty of preloaders on this site free to download.
also there are plenty of tutorials to make you own here as well. reloaders/
there is a nice Madness one there at the bottom of the page. 29808/9999
also 2bW30&feature=PlayList&p=A6E5 FB31FA1DBDD6&index=16

jebusness responds:



2009-04-13 19:29:45

least I could do for the great score on my little flash and the very nice review.
:D good luck and when you submit it send me a PM. I want to see it.

jebusness responds:

ok man